About Alou

I am a classically-trained cellist who has since studied and played electric and bass guitar, harmonium, keyboards, glockenspiel and swarmandal.

I began composing instrumentals in 2009 and recording music in 2012.

My work ranges from classical to experimental to punk.

In 2015 I developed Sœur, a retro indie game and its score.

I began writing prose professionally in 2013; in 2015 I began seriously writing and performing poetry.

My first short story, “Thrips”, was printed in January 2013, in issue #7 of Obsolete Magazine.

“Village F”, another piece of my short fiction, was featured in the Exuberant Politics Exhibition that ran from March 6 to April 8 of 2014 at the venue Public Space One in Iowa City.

In April 2014, my short story “The Capitalist Party” was published in Obsolete Press’s AnarchoSF anthology.

Note by Lennox Randon (Oct. 2016) – Alou published a collection of pieces in her zine entitled Für Neter in 2016, and I hope to publish her novel, Christiania, soon.

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